2019 - stoPD/NYU Theater Group explores acting exercises and Virtual Reality in collaboration with NeuroStorm Studios

stoPD’s theater curriculum is designed to improve voice, cognition, spatial awareness, communication skills, and mood symptoms. Our protocol is comprised of vocal training, acting and drama therapy techniques, physical training, creative writing, and virtual reality. stoPD has partnered with NYU Drama Therapy Department and NeuroStorm Studios to achieve these aims.

Proper breathing technique is essential for a strong voice and for vocal projection. Vocal exercises are the foundation of each class and rehearsal. Movement is incorporated to aid in vocal projection and increase vocal range while increasing spatial awareness. Participant’s voice is recorded, analyzed, and tracked for progress.

Participants are paired with scene partners with whom they work for the duration of the program. Participants develop scenes through structured improvisation based on situations and character dynamics chosen by the partners. Participants will write, memorize their dialogue, and present their scene to the class at the end of the program.

Virtual Reality
We partnered with the NeuroStorm Studios to incorporate VR technology into our program. VR allows for spatial awareness training, providing a safe environment to navigate space. VR also offers our participants the ability to rehearse remotely eliminating the need to travel. Finally, VR allows for real-time voice communication, ideal for theater training. 

Our next session will be held in Spring 2021. For more information or to be considered for the program, please email info@stop-pd.org


NYU Steinhardt

82 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003