Mario Marin

Mario Marin is a former professional fighter having trained martial arts all his life. His Muay Thai experience started with Sifu Neil Cauliffe at the original NY Martial arts academy in Whitestone, Queens in 1987. Since then he has trained at numerous gyms in the U.S. including the famed Degeberg Academy in Chicago Illinois, Zaragoza Boxing with Pro coach Willie Buenavides, Gleason’s gym, The Wat with Phil Nurse, and Renzo Gracie academy. A former MMA fighter and active submission grappling competitor, his course naturally took him to Thailand where he trained and fought for the world famous Tiger Muay Thai Fight Team in 2012/13. He has since taken on the role of Muay Thai coach at the world famous Gleason’s Gym and has also returned to Phuket to establish relationships with many of the gyms there, including the famous Phuket Top Team, for the purpose of bringing amazing Thai instructors to the U.S. for seminars.

The Rev. Howard Major III, a United Church of Christ minister, is  Assistant Pastor at  the West End Collegiate Church in Manhattan. He also heads the inter-religious LifeCeremonies, a service providing rituals and commemorations for those religiously unaffiliated or non-religious.  He is a late blooming boxer at Gleason’s Gym and hopes one day to be an amateur contender (once, anyway).  He especially admires the members of StoPD who courageously contend with Parkinson’s disease.  He lives in Brooklyn.

Peter “PJ” Lawson is a boxing and fitness trainer. He won many tournaments in NY such as 2006 Metro Finalist, 2006 National Quarter Finalist, 2007 Metro Golden Champ, 2008 Golden Glove Finalist, and 2008 DC Mayor Cup Champ titles. Additionally, he uses entrepreneurial wisdom acquired through many marketplace trials and successfully channels his passion for helping restless and lost individuals in urban communities. He does this through South Warzone No Bullying—a program he began in 2014. This organization was especially designed to give disadvantaged, underprivileged, and fatherless youth an opportunity to learn special defense tactics while gaining a sense of confidence.