Mary – New York

We are not a group of boxers, we are a group of friends who happen to go to boxing together.

Sharon – Los Angeles

As we all know PD is a progressive disease. We have an obligation to ourselves & our loved ones to do whatever is possible to abate the progression. USE IT OR LOSE IT!!! While glancing at CBS’s website in November of 2015, a story by Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes caught the corner of my … Continue reading Usher – New York

Usher – New York

For me, it’s the mental aspect. The bonding and sharing of our struggles, the support and friendships, the resolve they show — it all strengthens me — it’s the fighter’s attitude that keeps me going.

Mike – New York

stop-PD has had an enormous positive impact upon my wellbeing.  Coming into a class with such positive energy from all of our fighters is always energizing, no matter how tired I am (and say I don’t want to come to class) by the time its over, I feel renewed “is the class over already?”

Bob – New York